Mid-Winter Unsymposium

Register Now!

When: January 11, 2019
Where: Superior Public Library
Cost: Only your time!
Registration: Now Open!

Join us for the 7th Annual Lake Superior Libraries Symposium Mid-Winter Unsymposium, where you determine the conversation.

Sometimes you need a break from the average conference: you need an UNCONFERENCE! At the LSLS Unsymposium, you determine the conversation. Participants brainstorm a host of topics, which are then selected in a bottom-up, democratic manner. Rather than listening to a single speaker, you get to ask questions, interact, and offer your own expertise on a topic chosen by the whole group. So…everyone wants to talk about passive programming? Done. You’re the only one who wants to talk about library cats? Too bad! Together, we’ll discover our common challenges and develop solutions collaboratively.

You’ll come away from the Unsymposium invigorated by lively discussions and ready to take that excitement back to your library.

Check back soon for more information!


4 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Unsymposium

  1. The format was great and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and brainstorming with librarians from around the northeast part of the state, I just wish it would have been a little more relevant to high school libraries.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Carrie! We’d love to see more high school librarians at the 2016 Unsymposium proposing topics that are relevant to K-12 libraries. If you are planning on attending the upcoming Unsymposium, be sure to suggest some topics on your registration form!

  2. My diminished memory span is getting in the way of remembering the various group topics. Would you be able to please list the 8 small group topics?
    Thank you!


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