LSLS22 took place virtually on June 10, 2022. Our theme, Thrive, was developed based on feedback from past LSLS attendees about topics they want to learn about combined with current library and world challenges. We’re interested in a conference focused on what library workers and libraries need and what we can do to Thrive. 

nisha mody

Keynote Presentation: “Collective Trauma Meets Collective Care: Thriving in Uncertainty”

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a collective trauma that has affected us all in different ways during the same timeline. Long-term uncertainty affects our mental, emotional, social, and spiritual lives in ways that feels like we are breaking. Yet, we are not broken. During this talk, Nisha explores how trauma protects us, how collective care can meet it, and what thriving can look like when we don’t quite have the “answer.”

LSLS allows library staff to share their expertise, learn from their colleagues, and network to develop a stronger community of information professionals. Staff from all types of libraries are encouraged to attend. The event is organized and supported by library staff and educators from Minnesota and Wisconsin; for a full list of our supporters, see https://lakesuperiorlibrariessymposium.com/about/supporters/.