The Golden Hockey Puck


Just as athletes strive to achieve symbols of greatness like the Stanley Cup, the Heisman Trophy, and the Green Jacket, northern librarians compete for our own ultimate trophy: the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium bedazzled hockey puck.

In the spring of 2013, the hockey puck appeared without fanfare in the Duluth Public Library staff lounge. Already bedazzled, googly-eyed, and affixed to a gold chain for ease of wearing, the glorious puck called to an LSLSer on staff. Seeing value where others saw only a piece of comical garbage, this visionary librarian took possession of the puck. Since that fateful day, LSLS has never been the same.


The hockey puck (modeled here by trivia master Lawrence Scott Lee) was offered as one of the prizes at the inaugural LSLS Pub Quiz in 2013. The puck has since been awarded to the champions of each Pub Quiz at our annual pre-conference social event. By taking part in the trivia competition at a future LSLS, you too can join our hall of champions!

Hall of Champions


The Hawks, 2013


The Laser Hawks, 2015

The Laser Hawks, 2015


The Infodels, 2016

The Infodels, 2016


The Infodels, 2017


My Favorite Team, 2018


Three women standing in front of an interior brick wall. The woman in the center is holding a hockey puck decorated with gold glitter and googly eyes.

The Donut Call List, 2019