Keynote Speaker

Eli Neiburger imageMr. Neiburger, as brought to LSLS by Mercer Public Library Director, Teresa Schmidt, wowed the crowd and set the tone with a presentation entitled: Access-Schmaccess: Libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity.

His talk outlined how information is proposed, distributed, and created in the modern information age and what libraries can do to be image from talkpart of this movement. With plentiful examples of memes and statistics, the audience was enraptured. While the challenges of providing content, space and environment for the modern age are numerous, libraries are adaptive spaces and capable of going beyond the walls of the building.

While LSLS didn’t record his keynote a smilar presentation was given at VALA 2012. If you want a recap of this dynamic and exciting talk check out VALA 2012.