About Us


The Lake Superior Libraries Symposium exists to create library staff development opportunities, enhance support networks, and facilitate collaboration.

Developed in committee, August 2017

About Us:

The Lake Superior Libraries Symposium is a conference developed by and for library workers from Northwestern Wisconsin and Northeastern Minnesota to help develop enhanced professional networks and promote resource sharing and communication between organizations. LSLS was born in 2011, when a group of librarians from academic and public libraries partnered on a project to educate their community about E-books. From that initial collaboration, the group developed the idea for a regional network that would provide professional development and support for library workers from all types of libraries. Our continued operations are thanks to the in-kind and monetary contributions of our supporters.

LSLS holds two large events each year: a Mid-Winter Unsymposium in January, and a traditional symposia in the spring. Check out information on keynote speakers, themes, and break-out sessions from our past symposia. We also host a variety of informal social events throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

If you have questions about LSLS or are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, please contact us.


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