Steering Committee

Meet the LSLS Steering Committee!

Shana Aue


Shana Aue is the Archives Assistant at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Kathryn A. Martin Library. She has served as site coordinator for the Mid-Winter Unsymposium, manages the LSLS website, and is our event photographer. When not participating in professional library work, she can be found engaged in stereotypical librarian activities like reading books, spending time with her cat, and drinking tea. She also enjoys traveling, having outdoor adventures, and taking advantage of the local music, theater, and beer available in the Twin Ports.



Jessica Bellini



Jessica Bellini is the Technical Services Coordinator at Duluth Public Library. Her professional interests include working with non-MARC metadata and applying batch processes to streamline technical services workflows in the public library setting. Jessica also enjoys doodling, tax law, snow days, and commas. She wants to meet your dog.




Kayleen Jones


Kayleen Jones is the Education & Human Service Professions Librarian at the Kathryn A. Martin Library at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She started attending the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium and an undergraduate student and was so inspired by the lovely group of people that she then went on to get her MLIS at UW-Madison. Some of her favorite things are drinking coffee, drinking beer, watching hockey (or listening to it on the radio), and wool socks.


Leslie Mehle


Leslie Mehle is the Adult Programming Librarian at Superior Public Library in Superior, WI. Before finding her calling in public library service, she worked in publishing, human services, and in a medical library. She is dedicated to offering top-notch programs and events for the community she serves, as well as striving to meet her patrons’ needs efficiently, thoroughly, and respectfully. If she’s not planning a library program, assisting a patron, or removing a paper jam from the photocopier, she is probably exploring the shores of Lake Superior with her husband and dog.

Alison Moffat



Alison Moffat is an Instructor at WITC-Ashland. She has served on the LSLS Steering Committee since 2012.






Julie Rustad




Julie Rustad is the Distance Education Librarian at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. She has served on the LSLS Steering Committee since 2015.





Laura Vavrosky


Laura Vavrosky is a Library Technician at Duluth Public Library, where she helps patrons check out materials and use the library’s technological resources. She’s currently attending the UW-Madison iSchool online, in pursuit of her master’s degree in Library Science, after which she hopes to spend more time organizing information. Her favorite classes so far have included Database Design and Metadata. When she’s not working or studying she loves to bake, read, and take long walks with her girlfriend.


Headshot of Lisa Wheeler.

Lisa Wheeler



Lisa Wheeler is the Cataloging Librarian at the University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library. Her work centers on copy and original cataloging, processing and managing government documents, and some systems related duties. In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, yoga, and watching horror movies. She has served on the LSLS Steering Committee since Fall 2018.