10+ Things To Do in the Twin Ports

Those of us who live here can be pretty effusive in our love of the Twin Ports! In this list, we’ve limited ourselves to ten (okay, maybe a few more than ten) recommendations for things to do in Superior and Duluth. To check out even more local happenings, visit the Perfect Duluth Day calendar.


This year’s LSLS coincides with the second annual Berserkon, a Northland gaming convention where you can get your geek on.

Located in a former Christian Scientist Church built in 1912, Karpele’s Manuscript Museum features travelling exhibits of historically-significant manuscripts and occasionally hosts musical performances.

  • Leif Erickson Park and Lakewalk

There’s no better way to spend a Perfect Duluth Day™ than to stroll along the Lakewalk. Highlights include the rose garden, a statue of Leif Erickson, Canal Park, and (of course) Lake Superior. There are numerous places to grab a bite to eat along the way, including a variety of restaurants in the historic Fitger’s complex, Italian bistro Va Bene, and the irresistible PortLand Malt Shoppe.

  • Duluth Beer Trail

Duluth and its environs have gained a bit of a reputation, both regionally and nationally, for high-quality craft beer. Looking to sample the greatest variety of local beer with the least amount of travel? There’s an app for that!

The Zeitgeist Arts Complex houses the Twin Ports’ independent movie theater, a black box theater that hosts comedy improv on the weekends, and a restaurant with a fusion menu. A great one-stop shop for arts and entertainment.

One of Superior’s worst-kept secrets, The Anchor Bar is famous for its eccentric nautical decor and its cheap, delicious burgers. There’s even a table tucked away into a little “library” near the entrance!

  • Historic Homes

The Twin Ports are full of fascinating architecture, but the historic homes in these two cities are especially captivating. Be sure to check out Fairlawn Museum and Glensheen Mansion!

A rich trove of art and relics related to every polka lover’s favorite instrument. Concertinas, accordions, and gifts: one of the more eclectic picks on our list!

  • Hiking/Biking Trails

It will be summer, after all! The Twin Ports are rich in trails, both on the Duluth and Superior sides of the bridge. Get out and get some!

  • Duluth’s Historic Union Depot

One of Duluth’s main cultural centers, the Depot houses the Duluth Art Institute, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, the St. Louis County Historical Society, and the Duluth Playhouse (which will be opening God of Carnage the weekend of the symposium). Bonus: the Depot is right across the street from the main branch of the Duluth Public Library.

  • Local Libraries

And speaking of the Duluth Public Library, this is a library conference, after all! Check out some of our fabulous local libraries: the Superior Public Library, multiple branches of the Duluth Public Library, the Jim Dan Hill Library at UW-Superior, and the UMD Library are all worth checking out!

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The Lake Superior Libraries Symposium (LSLS) is a conference developed by librarians from Northwestern Wisconsin and Northeastern Minnesota. LSLS was created to help librarians develop enhanced professional networks, promote resource sharing and communication between organizations, and help increase awareness of libraries and resources.


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